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Excellent I'm a new client. Recent 1st massage from Bobbie was great and very therapeutic!
Tina H
Massage I would highly recommend Bobbie for a massage. She was very "in tune" with what my body needed and worked with me on my specific areas that needed attention with great detail. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet her and receive such great service!
My massage Just had my first massage with Bobbie and it was amazing!
Jennifer I
Pure Bliss Bobbie has the most caring loving understanding energy!! She is super duper compassionate and full of Light ♡ I HIGHLY recommend her for guidance and EFT work as well as massage...she is greatly intuitive and can be trusted 100%.
Great First Session Bobbie was friendly and attentive, caring and intuitive. I felt an almost immediate connection to her and I look forward to seeing her again!
Lynn K
First session I learned how to be specific in the requests to my body. Loved learning.
Emilie S
5 star Bobbie did an awesome job. Friendly and the massage was wonderful. Will be going back soon& would also recommend to people!
Ashley K
Massage Great!
Carrie K
Massage I am so happy to find someone who gives quality massages close to home. I loved the indent in the bed for my "girls." I was not in pain when I left and felt like I got a complete deep tissue massage.
Amber M
I would recommend to anybody!! Bobbie was amazing, as always! ❤️
Diane V.
The BEST Bobbie gives the BEST massage imaginable. Her knowledge of the human body, of where things are supposed to be and how they should feel, is reassuring. The results are PURE BLISS on the receiving end. Her hands are gentle when gentle is required and strong, very strong, when needed. As she works the different areas of your body you will find yourself ‘MELTING” into the warm and comfortable massage table. She just doesn’t say “it’s ALL-WAYS about you”, she assures it. I highly recommend Bobbie, she knows what she is doing! She has helped me with many physical complaints and her open Heart has helped me heal emotionally, too. Her hands are MAGIC!
Very informative session! Bobbie was very knowledgeable and helpful; I'm looking forward to working with her to improve areas of my life and health!
Megan B
Amazing!! My back hasn't felt that great in ages! Super friendly, and fantastic at her job! I'll see you soon!
Karen R
Massage Excellent massage! Professionally done.
Karen D.
Highly Recommend I highly recommend Bobbie as an EFT Practitioner. She is a visionary and a change maker. I see Bobbie as someone who spreads profound health, well-being, and peace with those fortunate enough to work with her.
Elizabeth J
Excellent The message was excellent and was perfectly coordinated to my needs. Also, the table was heated which was amazing.
Dorie N.
Magical Hands Bobbie has worked magic with her hands. I suffer from painful chronic back and leg pain. I have been going to the different pain clinics and have tried chiropractors, all did help somewhat, but to my surprise, the last visit I had with Bobbie helped me the most! I seriously felt 10 years younger the next morning! The relief lasted longer than anything else I have tried. I'm so happy with her services, from prices to personality, she's the best! I would suggest the deep tissue massage to anyone that has been experiencing the same issues. Thank you Bobbie!!!!
Kriss N.
Awesome Bobbie works with people every day who want to stop living in fear and start living up to their full potential and be who they are meant to be. She doesn't tell you what to do, she guides you on how to take a closer look at yourself and come up with the answers all on your own. She teaches you that all the answers are within you, you've just forgotten how to listen to them. Give Bobbie a call and start living the life you were meant to live!
William H
Simply the best I would give her 100 stars if I could
Kathy B.
Healing I have been enjoying massages for over 30 years. I've encountered many styles and talents. I have never had more enjoyable, complete, re-energizing, healing massages than the ones I have received from Bobbie. It is an amazing experience!
Ligia H.
Gifted! Bobbie is a gifted life and spiritual coach. With her insightful guidance, comments, and feedback she guided me to use the resources I have within myself, bring them to my awareness, and use them for my own personal growth and development. Thank you Bobbie for being such a special coach... you touched my heart!
Jennifer I.
Highly recommend! Bobbie has the most caring, loving, understanding energy!! She is super duper compassionate and full of Light! I HIGHLY recommend her for guidance and EFT work, as well as massage. She is greatly intuitive ad can be trusted 100%.
Michael S
Massage Very helpful
Jamie H
Fantastic Things in life have not been easy and I finally made time to do something for myself. The massage was amazing! Extra pressure where needed to get muscles to release. Two days later and I still feel amazing! Muscles are sore as they are finally in anymore relaxed state but that's to be expected. Bobbie is very friendly and will adjust the pressure as needed. When I left, I scheduled another massage and purchased a massage for a family member. I have since referred her to others. I hope they have the same great experience I did!
Mark L
Great Bobbie is a wonderful person and does amazing work.